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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 1, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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and. ch. i don't i the blast nhk world news line. it's now eight am on friday the second i was a plot on in tokyo present she's in pain is promising decisive action after a bombing at a train station in western china state media say to religious extremists were behind the attack on wednesday in the same zellweger autonomous region and both of them were killed. that said the assailant started slashing people outside the station in the regional capital raunchy. then they set off bombs they were
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carrying. they killed one bystander and wounded seventy nine other people. government officials say the attackers have long participated in extremist militias activities the attack came as president she was wrapping up his first visit to the beach at the press government officials during his tour to adopt tougher measures against terrorism and to do more to unite ethnic groups police have tightened security but the region has been plagued by violence for years. gonna be this claim is mama since the protests and they restricted the culture and the mission of the week or ethnic group investigators in south korea us and the passenger ferry that sank last month did not have its containers properly secure what they suspect overloaded and boost cargo may have caused the ship to tip over. after a sharp turn the sale also got the country's southern coast more than two weeks ago footage taken as the vessel was sinking chills
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the containers on the jacket sleeve down to the port side investigators say they did not fit the on board equipment for keeping them in place. they believe the ship's cargo was not properly secured. authorities say they'll question the operator of the ferry to find out more about how the noted the ship. two hundred twenty one people have been confirmed dead in the accident. many of them are students from the same high school eighty one people are still missing. now a majority of south koreans are dissatisfied with present cochran as apology for the government's response to the disaster according to recent opinion poll the present offered an apology in a cabinet meeting on tuesday said the government could not prevent the accident and its initial response was insufficient. a south korean news paper reported the results of the pool on thursday one day after a commission a special organization to do the survey sixty three percent said the presence apology was insufficient while thirty one percent said he was sufficient. sixty one percent
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state parks response to the accident was improper while thirty six percent felt it was ok. forty nine percent approve of top management of state affairs that's down thirteen percentage points from the previous month. meanwhile the ratio of people unhappy with the work rose fourteen points to forty seven percent the present attended a national finance meeting on thursday. she gave orders to proper actually allocated budgets to measures related to safety. however strong disapproval over the government's response to the ferry disaster mean spot may have difficulty maintaining confidence the prime ministers of japan and britain have agreed to boost bilateral cooperation and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis in ukraine and a skittles now push a moment out reports seems all but it has been pretty down in the eyes of overshoot six nations rule
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over you. i miss it be like this brings him the longest average deviations between the two nations e bay that i didn't do much to our countries share the same values including the freedom and democracy in basic human rights. and the rule of law britain and japan are very close relationship and we are committed to making the relationship even stronger. two years said that was just an extension of crimea is a violation over in the national will. on the cs sharon's to brutal though he also expressed support for the democratic process in ukraine including a prison cell connections. his youthful great discounts. ave and terminal was on its own security policies. they said that japan and britain will negotiate on position and
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posts are missing. i wouldn't upc springs road race. so the principal cities and regions made the agreement would enable them to show provisional list of clients including four on cuba. in his down already as of the ships the prime minister as though i'm free to set a new film all the joint development of new defense a picnic. they also agreed to phone books contain the employee and defence ministers in the near future now the storm were up and it's a lot longer now children in many parts of ukraine are living with uncertainty. upn will cool is unisex represented in the country sees as many children wake up everyday in fear eye. we estimate about five thousand people displaced from creamy and told me that you cry. for
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some of them eighty percent of korean and half hours. you may know that that does things the mind knowing he did have a deep a return to their most teams built the harbor traffic is presented at the port the goodness of it i'd be the kind of creamy on the evening peaks. now in his arms or enviroment is the fee is discrimination again. they went to west. it's about nine hundred chemical. from creamy head because the feeder to remain in ukrainian or russian speaking region. they have earned hitting the concrete interest the hygiene fish and the baby to come. today i'm not going to school. and it's a year and in eighteen nineteen. so we sampled and by providing food to share with her but coach tyson keats. we are alike the therapeutic use her to tell who don't want to scoop it. but the most disgusting is that they don't know what happened to the kitchen at
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the td strike to skate with them now. the loss of face that the integration process and the gloomy week is a big effect on creamy. some part of the ukraine continues to be pitied the pea coat. yes i was sitting in my own tuesday leading to know what stinks. in addition to that the mark with a mix business with the fountain to be known as the idea is to not see me in the city person. he fits with his successor the seats that is a case to house them socially affair which he she keeps most socially bono people that don't sell it at the winchester week is happening with the nazis the mouthpiece. maybe have a baby but there's a great thing to think what the piano worst thing i've heard that he eats that the behind the clique current security crises delightful people. and to train women in the most associate bono people. there was two weeks. we awoke
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everything coming to the ukraine the dorsal ecb to society's treaty make sure that the lord be social with pse spouse does not get caught. that the two baby baby b carotene in chief and the ukraine including the quiet orderly pictures of the ccs to sporty. i retreat to ukraine to the deal. in between coming to ukraine has to make sure to avoid the sources the customer sees the states. but to do in fact we need to have the support from international green tea talabani has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in northeastern afghanistan. at least thirteen people were killed fifteen others wounded police say the militants drove up to a police checkpoint in the province of puncher and diffuse the spot then the militants detonated a vehicle which was packed with explosives. the victims include civilians and police officers. militants have
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staged a series of attacks as afghans boat in a presidential election. former foreign minister of july missing the largest number of votes in the first round last month. but he failed to secure a majority saw hill hadn't obama off next month against former academic ashraf dani. analysts with the us state department has shed light on the state of al qaeda. the dvd organizations for leadership has weakened and they say it to the aid groups are becoming more aggressive and working on their own. officials issued annual report on global terrorism. if the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri has lost much of this influence officials say amphibious groups and routinely ignored his guidance on tactics last year. the divine and analysts say some groups broke away from al qaeda in syria during the civil war. they see thousands of foreigners who joined the fight against the government made the country a hotbed of terrorism. and then and they
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highlight the threat posed by a group who call themselves the islamic state of iraq and the response. they say the seeming conflict in college members to expand their operations in syria and iraq and launch more attacks on civilians. analysts warned that violent extremists not affiliated with any organization also pose a serious threat. they cite the bomb attacks on last year's boston marathon anything governments must share information and work together more closely the day on day two to four people we are. due to the garden. we are convinced the preview people start to the stars are so strong. they stopped building. these are the buzz she gets completed. it could afford. real. when you go. an
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advisor to the operator of this month ninety nuclear plant has called on the company to do more to make sure the de commissioning work is done safely the electric power company has asked the panel of experts to monitor his efforts in the week of the new clone accident three years ago. utility officials explained the expanse the series of problems with the system designed to remove radioactive substances from contaminated water. officials said they have yet to escape the vicious circle of relying on a makeshift suspense which often lead to new troubles former u s nuclear regulatory commission chairman dale klein said the staff at patricia my diet she lacks the culture of safety this lack of a nuclear safety culture is demonstrated by. he not expecting the unexpected executives of the company said they'll seek expertise from abroad to improve the way to increase my diets
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these unique circumstances the twenty twenty tokyo let the games i just six years away and a japanese olympic committee is already making preparations for the event an athlete's training program is set to launch earlier than usual as part of efforts to win more medals for the host country. in the past that aoc has started athlete training just after the end of the teams to allow for years the preparations for the next olympics. for twenty twenty dependence of the target of getting the most gold medals than any country or twenty two thirty the top prizes. another goal was twenty one japanese athletes to play for the pop it in every sport. the gmc will officially launch the project on an eighty eight. and a sometimes check on the markets and the latest trading on wall street. tim
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quinn led vice president in common is from wells fargo as a detox bo's the next day on wall street with most major indexes up and down throughout the course of the day by the time the dust settled the dow jones industrial average closed below lawler about twenty two points lower density five hundred also down about two points and the nasdaq posted a modest gain throughout the course of the day whether you were a buyer or seller you can pretty much find justification in the economic data we've had the us last couple days yesterday's first quarter gdp report showed that the us economy expanded in only a zero point one percent annualized. but the first quarter and this morning initial jobless claims fine for the second week and well done in the senate calling you had a personal income and spending report released in the us this morning which is generally better than consensus expectations combined with the isna reported key yardstick for the manufacturing sector also posting better than expected gain so i kind of the union
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could pick which side you want in terms of the direction of stocks alternately the us some components of the ias unemployment remain strong believe this is tomorrow's labor report were looking for a gain of over two hundred thousand net new jobs if realize that be the strongest job growth since november last year. i assume quinlan for wells fargo. but executives across japan i'm concerned about the impact of the higher sales tax on their businesses. the tax went up from five to eight percent a month ago. automakers are feeling the effects and sales of new cars in the country declined in april for the first time in eight months. officials of the auto industry groups say more than three hundred forty five thousand new vehicles were sold last month the figure fell five and a half percent from a year earlier the number of new cars sold excluding me the vehicles was near the one hundred ninety thousand units down eleven point four percent. meanwhile sales of mini vehicles totaled more than one hundred fifty five thousand up near
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the three percent. that's because automakers introduced many new models. among major manufacturers honda suzuki and the sun posted sales increase its back to you about maths and fuji heavy industries known for its survival brand models all strong double digit declines in their sales. industry officials forecast that the decline in overall sales will continue for sometime due to the impact of the consumption tax hike meanwhile department stores in japan are also facing sluggish demand for leading department stores reported a decline in sales of eight to fifteen percent last month after strong demand in march before the tax hike. sales of expensive goods such as jewelry and watches launched in april but some boys in tokyo's upscale shopping district teams that reported sales increase its demand from point to orissa is the main factor. this shop set up a quarter for helping customers in english and
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chinese. after the tax hike the shop managers started holding events to sell a variety of japanese souvenirs if the item such as traditional ornaments and lacquer cops are popular among overseas visitors because after the votes in every ten pennies then and moon shopping center and then some. maybe i will find some nifty stuff costs from that sent from japan. employees at the stores say purchases by foreign customers doubled in april from a year earlier an account for more than ten percent of the shops monthly sales. japanese travelers have kissed the last goodbye to one of the most recognizable faces of the aviation industry the last bowling seven four seven owned by japanese airline has left the country to be de commissioned in the united states the departure of a jumbo jet marks a radical change of strategy for japanese airlines. the air. the boeing seven forty so that made its debut in nineteen seventy. at
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one point to an upgraded more jumbo jets than any other country in the world. plane spotters flock to tokyo's hunted the airport in the march to witness the arrival of last month's decline. i feel it the fact that i had a good thank you for all these years the boeing seven forty seven minutes double deck designed to revolutionize the commercial aircraft industry. it saddened to hear fuselage could accommodate more than five hundred passengers that was more than twice the capacity of other teams at the time. the seven forty seven was a perfect match for the needs of a rising economic power. you see people spent decades maintaining jumbo to its use as their design marked the beginning of the new year i don't. the boeing seven forty seven is the basis of
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today's aircraft. it's where everything is again from instrumental in the cockpit to the navigation equipment the sun and forty seven s latest theory is this concert is set to keep flying with many more years. not going to lose you. company officials here say they've decided to do away with two cats because of a change instead. don't pick them up. we're now focusing on high end accustomed to the so called premium class travelers the number of international flights from tokyo japan at the airport has just increased dramatically in the months that a pillar of our strategy is to take advantage of the airport's convenient location to attract business customers and to develop a solid network on the seven forty seven gmt use to allocate two hundred and fifty seats for economy class passengers
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this number has been slashed by fifty percent of the brand new boeing seven eighty three he and his main competitor japan airlines has adopted a similar strategy. both companies believe that increasing number of budget travelers will supply you with no cost to cure this but there's another reason behind the disappearance of seven forty seven in japan germany's lufthansa is betting heavily on two of the world's largest commercial aircraft the latest model of the billings and forty seven and listed here but the treaty. one of the company's executives explains why. the cd posion o the frontood a ay ts tunic and he and i was going to move the group system so we have a pleasant ndp cool the comic. most
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european cities will form the view which helps. which means alone in. the if you compare these with cocoa talk to his mouth the conflict when it comes schools are still missing. so when enabled countries. their rooms also have to contend with limited space and stricter rules for airport operations. still there taunting them smaller and more miserable pain. he was ok because who doesn't cave to continue up. japanese airlines are doing well financially. for example japan airlines is just posted a profit of one point five bb in dollars. the chores or earnings are concerned japanese companies had adopted this owner strategy than their overseas competitors. it does seem wiser to be shifting towards mid sized aircraft. for the hanging jumbo jets and
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there was a treaty is operated by non japanese carriers will continue service and tokyo. it will take a few years before the end he and japan airlines terminal. playing smaller with me to go. i i i i know farmers in sight the minute tokyo are busy shipping the popularity of the season mother's day is celebrated on the second sunday of may for most the city is one of the country's top producers of potted carnations. this pine chips about thirty thousand watts for mother's day. greenhouse with history and dead leaves and excess flowers before wrapping each one for shipment. could you did. we are trying our best to make sure our flowers july the hard working mothers to receive them the farmers say the tri nations will blossom again
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next year if they given proper care torrential rains have pounded parts of the northeastern us and that's led to floods my show she has won the weather than elsewhere in a world weather report mind. when anna and sam flooding is occurring across the new england is statesman has truly are still talking about that to outbreaks of severe weather assistance in the same system that brought flooding across the sun the sun now flooding in new england states. they delivered a video coming up from there today. now as how awful some system of paris a tummy strong rental reins from florida three meaning wind rivers in users they have flooded after receiving a one day record of over a hundred millimeters of rainfall. there are several reports of the road and bridge closures. in the town of port washington new york heavy rainfall caused mudslides and very cute mini cards. more rain is expected in the north eastern indian lands on your friday this is
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due to the same system still lingering over the great lakes patient low pressure system still lives here said northern areas will see thunderstorms and heavy patches of rainfall. finally the call the woman pulling away ounce or so to ride with dryness will come back into meeting me in this state so that skinny be a very good break on its wheel of the system is still lingering over the florida panhandle which means that more heavy showers sudden burst of showers also and thunderstorms will be capable of risking their lives against again. and that the crying kid looking at some high pressure system in bringing clear skies by the south western areas are still aching to see dr in a very hot conditions the wildfires is still raging across southern california the temperature is however will be on ongoing trends and fashions at thirty four in seattle on the way up there at twenty one bought into the next few days and temperatures the willoughby finally into day average
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range down to fifty from twenty one instead of portland making it the same kind of think big ears ascension is also finally into the room the freight that sunday at ten twenty six degrees. not cause a year at the we haven't reported four centimeters in diameter all here pointed in a one in western ma the shaft. this is it to this system but another low pressure system will also bring a ball kicks in and day out balkans. actually that very nice severe thunderstorms which could begin against find a large scale handed anything that cuts but meanwhile the making and some temperatures to drop and remain in the decrees from the twenties vienna twenty one lhasa seattle weakening trend with the temperature is twenty one to seventeen and fifteen on here sunday prompt from the eighteen to ten set to bundle up for you to write weekend. across eastern continent rains and thunderstorms have been imported in their own beijing with real storms in north west of beijing. this system
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will then travel north the snaking its way to northern areas of china as well as northern areas of the korean peninsula bringing thunderstorms on display and heavy rain will continue to fall across the southern china including high non wearing of a portable hundred millimeters and ready to mind is very low saturated me know as a panacea is springtime pressure system dominate the area and summer like conditions will be seen across much of japan twenty six in tokyo. and for the holiday forecast. this is what is going to be making my hotel calmly and it is the link and find nineties i bathed no precipitation in sight but okie now while we may see that on rainy season coming on monday leaving outbreaks in our cast. i know i do. i know. it is. and
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he's a recap of the top story this hour presence she champion is promising
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decisive action after a bombing at a train station in western china state media say to religious extremists were behind the attack on wednesday in the seam down on qantas present and both of them were killed the assailant started slashing people outside the station in the regional capital raunchy. then they set off bombs they were carrying. they killed one bystander and wounded seventy nine other people. kevin officials say the attackers had long participated in the extremists for these activities. the attack came as president she was wrapping up his first visit to the region. he pressed government officials during his tour to adopt tougher measures against terrorism and to do more to unite ethnic groups. police have tightened security for the region has been plagued by violence for years government leaders blame islam as some protests and the restricted the culture and religion of the week or ethnic group. and the mount on this edition of news line
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rise in total. we definitely has the top of the art of on this edition of news line rise in total. we definitely has the top of the art of sewing has been with us
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